Kale and Mushroom (Oatmeal) Risotto

I really am trying my best lately to improve my diet but at times this can be a slight problem when all I want is a big bowl of risotto on a rainy day. Or at least I thought it was until I did some research and came across pinhead oatmeal risotto. Pinhead (or steal cut) oats can be found in most good food stores and health shops and are packed with all the good stuff like soluble fibre and Vitamin B1 (known to improve brain function, eye health and convert food to energy). Not only this but it is also the least processed of all oats and as far as I’m concerned, the less processed something is the better.

I absolutely love mushrooms and I added the kale to give an extra bit of bite and colour. Kale seems to be the new “superfood” of the moment these days and with great reason too- it has zero fat, and is extremely high in iron. Being the cheese addict I am, I added some parmesan but this can be easily left out with equally tasty results. I could have eaten the whole bowl of this all by myself, it was just so tasty. I would definitely substitute oats for rice in any risotto from now on, I much prefer their nuttier texture.


Serves 2                     Prep Time: 5 mins                    Cooking Time: 30 mins approx.


2 Tbsp Olive oil

1 Garlic Clove, crushed

100g Pinhead Oatmeal

170g Chestnut mushrooms, chopped

800ml Hot Chicken or Vegetable stock

70g Kale, chopped

Parmesan (optional)



Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the oats, mushrooms and garlic. Cook on a high heat for 5 minutes. Add about 1/4 of the stock and the kale and stir for 2 minutes. Season. Add the rest of the stock, 1 ladelfull at a time, until all of the liquid is absorbed and the oats are soft (about 20 minutes). Keep stirring so the oats don’t stick to the pan. If using parmesan add as much as you like now and stir so it melts. Now you have a great quick and healthy dinner! This would be delicious served with a rocket salad.