New Favourite lunch in Dublin- The Bell and Pot

Lunch is really something that makes or breaks my day. Anyone who knows me will know that. Although I think about food most of the time (not going to lie about that), my head is particularly consumed by the thought of what I will eat for lunch from the moment I wake up. Recently I have been trying to be a bit more health/money conscious by making my own lunch but that has slowly been going out the window!

I had been meaning to try the Bell and Pot for some time now. For some reason I thought it was one of those hectic overly popular full of crazy people in a hurry lunch spots which I tend to avoid like the plague but how wrong was I! I arrived a little before lunch hour and was allowed to choose my table of choice. Imagine that, being able to choose a table at lunch hour! The place is really warm and cosy, and the counter full of treats really caught my eye on the way in.



The menu had a variety of sandwiches, soup, and specials and after much deliberation I opted for the special of risotto and cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms which came with a side of 2 salads. The food came in good time, and I was surprised by the size of the portions. HUGE. Extremely good value for โ‚ฌ10. I had 2 portobello mushrooms loaded with a cheesy risotto and even more melted cheese on top (the photo does not do this justice). I’m not a huge fan of peppers but my salad of mixed peppers in an asian dressing was definitely one of the nicest salads I have ever had. The green beans with goats cheese in a honey dressing was also a great combination, the cheese was so creamy I didn’t want it to end!



I could totally see myself spending an entire rainy day here, and I loved the idea of their book exchange. This place is such a little gem and I can’t wait to work my way through the menu here!



The Bell and Pot, Mercer Street, Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2