Bagots Hutton

Any time I find myself wanting a drink I always think of the same places- Dakota, Damson Diner, Vintage cocktail club and Bison being my go-to’s!

I was delighted when a collegue recommended Bagots Hutton on South William St, and amazed that while I walk that street most days, I had never noticed it.

Even knowing where it was I still almost passed by, if not for the teeny sign over the steps of the basement bar. Walking in it almost feels like a cafe but when you go through to the back I instantly loved the place. It sort of reminded me of a dingy bar I had been to in Berlin years ago, but this place was more glam. Completely unlike anywhere else in Dublin!
photo 5
I was pretty starving and delighted to see they had a full food menu (not on the website) as well as tasting platters (antipasti etc). I opted for the melanzane alla parmigiana which was basically miniscule amonuts of aubergine completely smothered in melted cheese and tomato sauce with fresh basil. Being the cheese fanatic that I am this was dreamy for me and I have been craving it since. Paired with a glass of red wine, it really hit the spot for me!
photo 1
There was a good range of wines that ranged from about €6-10 per glass with cocktails more expensive at about €10 during “Happy Hour” (5-7pm). Not happy prices to me. As I was leaving, I noticed a sign on the bathroom door for the “apertivo hour” which runs every day from 5-7pm and offers an apertif and food board for €10. That’s more like it! Were they being strategic by only placing this sign on the inside of the bathroom door? I think this was a bit sneaky to be honest!

Anyway I won’t hold this against them and I look forward to trying it again soon. Hopefully the resident great dane will be there next time!

28 South William Street
Dublin 2