Foam Cafe

So today I visited Foam Cafe on the north side of the city. I have been meaning to try this place for a long time after it was recommended to me a while back.

It is down a random little side street which is not too pleasant let me tell you but once you get in the door you are in a pink paradise. I felt like I had walked into Aladdin’s cave- over the top decor in BRILLIANT way. Gorgeous pink chandelier, fairy lights, you name it. Unfortunately it was very busy when we went so we probably got the worst seat in the place. Upstairs really seemed like the place to be!








Now, the menu is VERY varied, which is something I do have a bit of a problem with. It seemed to me like a lunch/tea/cake/soup type of place yet on the menu there was pizza no less. This caused myself and my eating partner somewhat of a problem. Both being pizza addicts, we just can’t resist. I have learned from experience to only get pizza from an Italian place but the pizza toppings seemed well thought out so we thought we’d take a risk. I went for a mushroom, gorgonzola and caramelized onion, and coco went for brie, emmental, feta and cranberry. Both combinations sounded DIVINE so we agreed we would share.

There was also an extensive drinks menu which included hot and cold teas, so I decided on a white tea with blueberry. I thought I was going to get some beautiful homemade creation with whole blueberries, but alas it was from a bottle. Needless to say I was somewhat devastated by this. Anyway, onwards and upwards.








Time went on and I was getting very anxious about my pizza, I could smell it from the kitchen so I knew it was being made from scratch. I was absolutely famished so as each plate went passed I drooled over it. The soups looked amazing, in particular the seafood chowder, which I will make sure to order on my next visit.

The pizza’s came and looked very appetising. Nice thin base and plenty of cheese. However that is about the peak of my experience with the pizza. Mine was just nice, but was completely overpowered by the vast amounts of caramelized onion. The brie and cranberry one was completely inedible for me. I love the combination of cheese and sweet cranberry but unfortunately the cranberry sauce tasked more like a sour stewed apple. VERY disappointing, even more so for my hungover friend who had been relying on this to cure himself of last night’s antics. In order to make the cranberry pizza more edible, I decided to order some honey, which caused a big kerfuffle. They obviously didn’t have any so rather than telling me, the waiter hoped I would forget. Yet, when I asked again they still didn’t want to tell me so they scraped the past teaspoon of honey they had!








I do feel a bit bad for slating the pizza, but at €12.50 they just weren’t up to scratch, and as for the €3 BOTTLE of tea? I won’t even go there. However judging by the other food I saw I do think we just ordered badly so I will definitely be back to this lovely little place again for a tea and cake. And of course that yummy looking chowder.

Foam Cafe

24 Strand Street Great, Dublin